Window cleaning services in Findon, SA

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With more than 5 years of experience in the window cleaning industry, Triple G’s mission is to provide customers with optimal and tailored glass cleaning services that best suit their demands. Window cleaning services in Findon,SA are no exception, with each customer and the cost of renting our glass cleaning service being the cheapest.

Employees at Triple G have a lot of expertise and are regularly trained in occupational safety as well as cleaning windows and façade glass. All of our glass cleaning services are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, and we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff and customers’ property. As a result, if you’re living in Australia’s cities, don’t hesitate to contact Triple G’s service!

Exterior glass cleaning

Offices with a big outside wall or glass area, such as high-rise buildings. Swing systems, scaffolding, forklifts, and other specialized equipment are needed for cleaning and maintenance. Along with specialized gear like extended glass cleaners, glass inhalers, etc., and a well-trained and experienced personnel.

Buildings with high roofs, many decorative wall spokes, many frames, slots, etc… are particularly difficult to clean, necessitating the use of a professional construction crew with vast experience in glass cleaning. As a result, the new glass surface is thoroughly cleaned while also assuring the safety of the glass cleaning crew.

Glass cleaning work is dependent on people in addition to contemporary equipment; these are the human aspects required to accomplish the glass cleaning process:

  • To ensure a sense of responsibility for work as well as good health, our staff between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Carefully.
  • Prior to the cleaning, there must be no history of alcohol misuse or drinking.
  • There is no history of heart illness, neurological disease, or other conditions that could manifest improperly at work.
  • Cleaning glass on the ground for at least 6 months is required.
  • Cleaning glass outside necessitates a high level of qualification, and the glass washing process will take longer than cleaning glass within the structure.

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Interior glass cleaning

Inner-area glass cleaning is usually easier than outside-area glass cleaning, but it still demands meticulousness and attention to detail from experienced workers.

Glass cleaning services will assist you in removing stains on the glass surface produced by acids, rain water, grime, and stains caused by animals such as birds, storks, and others, both inside and outside. Or stains left behind from the construction process, such as glue stains, paint stains on glass, metal frames, aluminum, etc. The glass surface will become gleaming and transparent once the procedure is completed. Because of the characteristics of glass cleaning indoors or near the ground, the job of cleaning glass is easier, and most staff can be proficient in glass cleaning after a month or more of training.

It is vital to have a cleaning procedure as well as employing other sorts of glass cleaner or a mixture of many ways to make the cleaning process most perfect, from preparing tools, glass cleaner, and cleaning many various types of glass. The benefit of hiring us to clean inner glass is that we can clean thousands of square meters of glass in one day in the cleanest and most professional manner possible, allowing you to keep track of your other projects.

Interior and exterior glass cleaning service

Triple G’s skilled glass cleaning service will clean both the interior and outside of your windows. This leaves no stains on both sides of the glass, making it look brand new. Ensure that even the tiniest stains are cleansed with the appropriate cleaning tools for optimal glass cleaning effectiveness for consumers with this cleaning measure.

Steps to cleaning the windows of a high-rise structure

Steps to cleaning the windows of a high-rise structure:

  • Step 1: Preparation- Prepare the necessary equipment for the glass cleaning job. Assemble and test equipment for safety. To prepare for construction, put up signs and move furniture.
  • Step 2: Remove silicone glue stains off glasses and frames with tools and razors.
  • Step 3: Mix the chemicals in the proper proportions, then use a duster or rag to clean the glass frame.
  • Step 4: Cleansing solution is sprayed on the glass. Wet the glass horizontally and vertically. Use a towel to dry the glass’s surrounding edges after you’ve finished cleaning it.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve finished washing the glass, clean up the area around it, return the furniture to its rightful position, and put the cleaning gadget away.


People in the current society like to build buildings with a lot of glass. Especially in large buildings, because glass doors not only help to capture natural light, but also give your living area a modern luxury aspect. This is a benefit, but it is also a negative. Because of frequent exposure to the outside environment, the glass doors deteriorate, dirt and stains accumulate, and the original beauty is lost. As a result, Triple G cleaning service was created to assist customers in overcoming this disadvantage.

Give our Triple G glass cleaning staff a call if you need professional window cleaning company in Adelaide, including cleaning the interior and exterior of the glass. Glass cleaning services for homes, schools, and hotels, as well as high-rise building glass cleaning, are provided by Triple G. All of our employees are trained in professional and in-depth glass cleaning techniques, as well as how to clean and handle all types of stains on glass.


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