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– My name is Quang and I am a founder of Adelaide Window Cleaning – Triple G. My business has been operating successfully since 2021. Over the years, we’ve made the windows of numerous Adelaide homes and commercial businesses crystal clear, earning many happy customers along the way!

– At Adelaide Window Cleaning – Triple G, We are dedicated to delivering a professional, friendly, and thorough service to our customers, ensuring satisfaction from start to finish.. We are a team of professional window cleaners based in South Australia.

– Our outstanding service has earned us a solid reputation—don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews! 

– We take great pride in being recognised as the best window cleaners and solar panel cleaning in Adelaide. As your local window cleaners near you, we are always available to provide quotes and service your needs promptly.

Why are we the best window and solar panel cleaners in Adelaide ?

Triple G Window Cleaning Adelaide has cleaned thousands of residential and commercial windows from a small unit to a complex building. We provide the best, professional work that will leave your windows shinning bright again.

  • Experienced Team

Our skilled professionals have extensive experience cleaning windows of all types and sizes. Whether it’s a single-story home or a commercial building, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

  • Eco-Friendly Products

We use a 100% environmentally friendly professional glass cleaning solution, unlike the regular dishwashing liquid used by many window cleaners. This ensures a superior, long-lasting shine for your windows. Our products effectively remove dirt and grime without leaving any harmful residues.

  • Attention to Detail

We take pride in our meticulous approach to window and solar cleaning. Every corner, frame, and sill is thoroughly cleaned to ensure your windows and solar  panels look their best.

  • Flexible Scheduling

We offer convenient scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle. Whether you need a one-time clean or regular maintenance, we can accommodate your needs.

  • Affordable Rates

Quality service doesn’t have to come with a high price. Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your money.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not completely happy with our service, we’ll make it right.

Professional Window Cleaning Methods

We use the most effective and safe window cleaning methods to ensure your windows are spotless and streak-free. Here’s a look at the two primary methods we employ:

Traditional Window Cleaning Method

The traditional method is a tried-and-true approach that remains popular for its effectiveness and thoroughness. Here’s how it works:

Equipment Used: Cleaners use a rectangular bucket, dolly, applicator, squeegee, and dry cloths.


  • The applicator scrubs the windows with soapy water or a window cleaning solution.
  • The squeegee then removes the soapy water and dirt from the windows.
  • Any remaining water around the edges is wiped off with a dry cloth.

Best For: Hand-reachable exterior and interior windows. This method is highly effective for standard window cleaning but can become risky and time-consuming when cleaning high windows or solar panels, even with safety equipment like ladders or boom lifts.

Water Fed Pole System

The water fed pole system is a modern, efficient, and safe method that is gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages.This system remove impurities through a semi-permeable membrane, ensuring the water is clean and pure.To learn more about our: Pure Technology System

Equipment Used: A telescopic pole with a scrubbing brush attached at the top, and a pure de-ionised water line.


  • The telescopic pole allows the cleaner to reach high windows safely from the ground. Our telescopic pole can reach up to 3 story building.
  • Pure de-ionised water is dispensed through the brush to scrub the windows.
  • The purified water ensures there are no dirty water marks left on the windows.

Best For: High windows and areas that are difficult to reach safely. This method is faster and often more effective than the traditional method.

Your Local, Professional Window Cleaner!

Welcome to Triple G, your trusted local and professional window cleaner and solar panel cleaning serving Adelaide. We are 100% owned and operated, committed to delivering top-quality window cleaning and solar panels washing services.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional window cleaning services for residential and light commercial properties in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs such as Woodville, Henley, Glenelg, Northgate, Prospect, West Lakes, Burnside and more.  

When people search for ‘window cleaner near me,’ they find us. We are the local window cleaners near you! Call Quang on 0410256363 for a free quote!


All services Triple G Window Cleaning Adelaide offers

Residential Window Cleaning


We are your local Adelaide Window Cleaners, owned and operated Residential Window Cleaning experts. At Triple G Window Cleaning Adelaide

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Our expert team delivers outstanding results that make your business shine. Choose us for spotless windows and impeccable service.

The Method We Use To Clean Solar Panels


Cleaning your solar panels is crucial for maintaining their efficiency and maximising energy output.



At Triple G Window Cleaning Adelaide, we specialise in professional strata window cleaning services designed to keep your multi-unit buildings looking their best



Are you a real estate agent or property manager looking for a reliable window cleaner for your clients or property owners?



Looking for professional office cleaning in Adelaide? Triple G offers top-rated office cleaning services tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Triple G Charge For The Professional Window Cleaners Service At Adelaide?

The cost ranges from $3 per side per average window pane to $30 per window. For an average four-bedroom house, It is around $250 plus GST.

How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

It is advisable to have your windows cleaned once or twice a year for residential properties depending on local weather and foot traffic. Meanwhile, for commercial properties, the frequency of cleaning depends on the business type, the amount of foot traffic, and the visibility of the windows.

How much roughly is it for a double story house?

It costs between $350 – $600 for a double story house.