Why Do Your Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

Cleaning your solar panels is crucial for maintaining their efficiency and maximising energy output. Dirt, dust, and debris can block sunlight, reducing the panels’ effectiveness and lowering your energy production. Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your solar panels, helping you get the most out of your investment. Keep your solar panels in top condition to ensure they generate the maximum power possible.Most people don’t realise that without regular cleaning, solar panels lose their efficiency — dirty solar panels can decrease energy production by up to 30%.

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide will make your solar panels shine anywhere in the Adelaide metropolitan area and Adelaide Hills.

Safe Cleaning Practices

  • Ground Cleaning: For safety, we often clean panels from the ground using ‘Soft Wash’ brushes on carbon fibre poles with our Pure Water System.
  • Roof Access: If necessary, we safely access the roof to clean panels directly.

The Method We Use To Clean Solar Panels

We use the latest pure water technology to remove all the dirt, dust and debris on solar panels. Traditional cleaning methods often leave streaks on solar panels due to the rapid drying caused by exposure to the sun. The pure water fed pole system eliminates this problem, ensuring a streak-free clean.

To learn more about our system, please visit our page ‘Pure Water Technology’ !

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide Prices

The following prices are applicable to a typical single-storey residential property. For solar panels in challenging-to-reach locations or on commercial premises, an in-person quote may be necessary. We have our minimum price for under 10 solar panels, and every extra panel has a charge fee.

Solar panel servicePrice
Minimum price under 10 panels$110
Additional per panel$10
Average a single story homeFrom $110 – $250


Why Do Your Solar Panels Need Cleaning
Safe Cleaning Practices
The Method We Use To Clean Solar Panels