Window Cleaning Prices Adelaide

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It’s never too late to re-evaluate your prices to pay for the window cleaning service. Perhaps you are unsure of how much to charge for window cleaning, or you want to ensure that your current window cleaning cost that you pay is reasonable.

Come to Triple G, we’ve compiled a window cleaning price guide that displays some of the national average prices for window cleaning services. We also assist you in determining how much to charge for window cleaning based on the size and type of window in question. Window washers charge according to the number of windows, number of panes, size of the windows, number of stories in the house, and presence of window screens. Prices are also calculated based on whether the windows are currently dirty and whether you are signing up for a one-time or rotating service. Let’s look at Window Cleaning Prices Adelaide in the following article.

How do window cleaners charge?

Triple G window cleaners use a variety of methods to determine how much to charge for a window cleaning, particularly for residential window cleanings. Large buildings and offices are typically charged on a square footage basis. We charge following the amount pane by pane or by the number of windows for the buildings.

Because there aren’t enough windows to charge per pane, a smaller home is usually charged a flat rate per window. Many cleaners will charge by the pane if the house is medium-sized, anywhere from $3-$7 for each one or more for larger windows. It’s not uncommon to charge an hourly rate in large homes where counting pane by pane would be too time consuming or impractical. Window cleaning costs between $40 and $100 per hour on average.

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How to price window cleaning pricing

  • Count the number of windows or panes.
  • Each type of window will cost differently, and your professional should have a price list ready for you. A bay window, for example, is more expensive than a smaller window.
  • When it comes to glass doors, each door counts as one piece. Most businesses will provide you with a free estimate.
  • For an average three-bedroom house, the cost ranges from $3 per side per average window pan to $100 per window, plus a callout fee of between $45 and $85.
  • Determine your total cost.

Window Cleaning Cost Calculation Factors

Most Triple G window cleaning services charge per window, plus any additional cleaning you request, but some charge by the square footage of your home or by the hour. Some companies charge more for different types of windows because of their complexity, such as mullions, or because of the risk of cleaning a window because of its height or location. Cleaning the sills, tracks, screens, or trim may incur additional charges. Let’s see Window Cleaning Cost Calculation Factors of us below:

Count of windows

One window cleaning costs between $4 and $11. Based on a window size of 3 feet by 6 feet, the average cost is $5. The amount varies not only by size but also by whether or not the window has panes, which take longer to clean. Furthermore, windows on higher floors are more difficult to clean and may necessitate the use of a lift or other equipment to reach them.

Window Dimensions

Cleaning large windows can take as much time and product as cleaning multiple windows, so some companies use an algorithm that calculates a fair price by combining your home’s square footage with the number of windows. In general, the more cleaning there is, the higher the price.

Window Design

Different types of windows necessitate different cleaning methods and time commitments. Double-hung windows with two sashes, for example, are more difficult to clean and will require more time and effort than other styles. Multi-pane windows also take more time and effort to clean than single-pane windows, so they usually cost more.

Floor-to-ceiling or particularly tall windows are difficult to reach, often necessitating the use of a ladder or other equipment. They simply require more time to clean, which increases the cost. Furthermore, any difficult or potentially dangerous situation, as well as any window that requires additional equipment, is likely to incur an additional charge.

Condition and Dirtiness

Dirty windows reduce the amount of light that passes through them and can even scratch the glass. They are also more difficult to clean. As a result, extremely dirty windows may be more expensive to clean. Grime buildup may necessitate a second (or more) pass to remove. To clean extremely dirty windows, a special product containing vinegar may be required.

Two basic ways for price window cleaning service

We can provide you with window cleaning quotes in the following two ways:

An Hourly rate

In addition to an hourly rate, we provide an estimate of how long the cleaning will take.

The benefit of this approach is that you only pay for actual time spent on the job.

Following a site inspection

We’ll give you a fixed price for window cleaning.

This method ensures that you always know how much the cleaning will cost.

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At the end of each job, it is critical that you are satisfied, both with the job and with our price. We appreciate your business today, but it is your ongoing patronage that we are most interested in retaining. We guarantee workload and quality of work for partner units or customers whether renting by the day, month, or year. Our pleasure is to clean glass windows at a reasonable cost while providing the best service to our customers. Call Triple G for a quote on 0410256363.