Window cleaning services in Wingfield, Adelaide

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Because it is in direct contact with the outside environment, the window is always the source of the most dirt. It is easy for insects to fly into the house if it is not cleaned. As a result, many people are unaware of how to clean smart homes and windows quickly and effectively without wasting time. Come to our window cleaning services in Wingfield, Adelaide, and we will clean your windows for you.

Triple G’s window cleaning service in Wingfield

Triple G has over 5 years of experience in window cleaning and extensive knowledge in this field. We take pride in our window cleaning credentials and strive to do the best job possible while remaining flexible to our customers’ needs. Our cleaners are all highly skilled and have undergone specialized window cleaning training.

We clean windows in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Our team is equally at ease using advanced window cleaning techniques as they are with more traditional methods. We are working to eliminate ladders from our business wherever possible, which is why a high-altitude window cleaning system is so beneficial. These systems enable us to clean windows to an exceptionally high standard while remaining firmly planted on the ground. High-altitude window cleaning systems can reach heights of up to 21 meters above the ground, allowing us to prioritize employee safety without sacrificing results.

We do not oppose tradition when these systems cannot be used. We continue to use the tried-and-true method of using wipers and window cleaners. Although it takes longer than the reach and wash system, it still produces gleaming and spotless results. To deliver exceptional window cleaning results, our agents are adaptable and will adapt to the specific site requirements and customer needs. Whatever your window cleaning requirements are, Triple G has the solution for you! Window cleaning is frequently required around the clock, which is why Triple G offers flexible service packages to meet your needs.

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How do we work?

We clean your windows whenever it is convenient for you, whether it is one-time or on a regular basis. Our fully equipped vehicles bring everything we need directly to you, including tanks filled with pure water. We use Water Fed Poles to reach and wash high windows safely from ground level, causing minimal disruption to you and no damage to your garden or property. Your outside windows are then washed with only pure water and air dried for a sparkling, spot-free finish!

If you only use tap water to clean your windows, the glass will dry milky white and/or streaky, and you will be able to write on it with your finger (Try it for yourself). This effect is entirely due to the mineral content of the tap water. We remove 100% of the dissolved minerals from the water we use to clean your windows! Many of our customers report that their windows stay cleaner for longer periods of time. The frames gradually become cleaner over time, leaving no trapped dirt for the rain to wash down onto the glass – and secondly, because we only use pure water, there is no detergent or soap residue left on the glass, which would otherwise attract particles of dirt. The glass eventually becomes sterilized, and dust and airborne dirt do not adhere as easily.

Highlights of our service 

Experienced staff

Glass cleaning is not an easy job; it requires the operator to have professional expertise, be well-trained, and master the steps and operations in order to clean while also ensuring the safety of themselves and those around them.

Triple G’s experienced staff is not only professionally trained, but has also implemented numerous large and small projects across Australia. As a result, you can be confident in the service provided by Triple G.

Modern and advanced equipment

To ensure employee safety and the smooth operation of the glass cleaning process, Triple G invests in specialized equipment – glass cleaning tools based on the most recent technology, bringing the best work efficiency. At the same time, using Triple G’s professional glass cleaning service saves construction time and money for customers.

Experts in project management form a team

Triple G always has a group of safety experts to support and supervise the work process on large-scale projects built at height. As a result, the number of incidents that may occur during the working process is reduced.

Workplace safety equipment

Employee safety is always one of the top priorities at Triple G. Regardless of whether the employee is fully equipped with protective gear and essential safety tools at any stage of our industrial cleaning service.

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Selecting a quick-clean-light and appropriate method for cleaning windows will make house cleaning easier and faster. It can also help protect your windows from damage if chosen correctly. All you have to do is send us an email or call to let us know you accept our proposal, and we will contact you to schedule your first service for a day and time that works best for you! We understand your property’s value to you, and our staff is trained to handle it with the utmost care! However, if you have any special requests on the day, please notify our supervisor, who will inform the team accordingly. When the service is finished, we will ask you or your nominee to inspect the work and ensure that everything is satisfactory. You will only be asked to sign off on the job card after this inspection.


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