Window cleaning services in West Lakes, SA

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Window cleaning services in West Lakes,SA for glass cleaning services, window cleaning services, internal and external glass cleaning, and window cleaning of flats, showrooms, hotel, school,…

Maintaining the cleanliness of glass windows is a key concern in order to ensure durability, beauty, and the best sheen to convey professionalism and elegance. Importantly, keep your window clean. Whether it’s the glass panels in front of your shop, offices, villas, residences, or flats, it’s critical to clean the glass and clean the windows on a regular basis to keep the purity of the glass. Purity, luxury, and the avoidance of damage, degradation, and color stains that are ugly and lower your home’s worth.

What is window cleaning?

Cleaning, and washing window glass and glass mirror surfaces outdoors and inside of buildings to remove dust, debris, and chemicals are known as window cleaning. These glasses can be utilized for a variety of functions, including decoration, lighting, and structural support. Glass cleaning can be done by hand or with the help of machine tools. Residential window cleaning service focuses on houses, apartment buildings, and apartments, and includes the following services:

  • Villa
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Stores, boutiques, and showrooms
  • Construction of an office building
  • Supermarket
  • The apartment structures
  • Shopping center
  • School \ Hospital \ Airport

The market providing industrial cleaning services at Triple G includes: Adelaide, North Adelaide, Burnside, Magill,…

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The survey and quotation procedure at Triple G

  • Step 1: After receiving your request for a glass cleaning service, our company will send down employees to conduct a survey, and within 3 hours of finishing the survey, our company will send customers an email informing them of the rates for each item or package.
  • Step 2: If the customer approves the quote and employs the window cleaning service, our company will sign a contract, and the cleaning service will be completed by our construction team within 2 days. Customers must contact 2 to 5 days ahead of time for large or intricate jobs.
  • Step 3: Project acceptance and handover.
  • Step 4: Payment in cash or bank transfer. Submit invoices and papers connected to the contract, as well as payment and contract settlement. 

How to clean glass properly

  • Assemble the device and make sure it’s safe.
  • Place signs in strategic locations.
  • Furniture should be moved and silver should be used as a covering.
  • Scrape the paint, silicon off the frame, and glass using a razor.
  • Cleansing chemicals are mixed in the right proportions.
  • Use a dusting brush, a towel, and wool to clean the frame.
  • Use a solution to clean the glass.
  • Wipe the glass with a moist cloth or spray it with a spray bottle.
  • Wipe the glass in one of four different ways: vertically, horizontally, at right angles, or in a horizontal zigzag line from top to bottom.
  • After each wipe, clean the blade with a dry cloth.
  • Wipe the edges of the glass with a dry towel after wiping.
  • Clean from the upper to the lower glass row, then remove the cover and clean the scene at the end of the task.

Glass cleaning of apartments and private residences service

Glass cleaning service in West Lakes,SA

Triple G’s private house glass cleaning service will assist you in cleaning stains on the glass surface caused by acids, rain… or stains left in the construction process such as glue stains, and water-based paint. on the surface of a glass or aluminum frame. The glass surface will be clean and transparent once the work is completed. 

Apartments and private homes might benefit from a glass cleaning service. Glass cleaning outside the apartment is only done when the weather is nice to ensure worker safety and service quality (no rain, thunderstorms, storms .. .).

Glass cleaning equipment and chemicals 

Special equipment is used, such as a gondola, a rope gear system, and an electric lift (hydraulic lift). A glass cleaning kit, a clean towel, a blade, a bucket of water, and a ladder are all required (high chair).

Cleaning chemicals for glass frames, cleaning chemicals for glass, and mold removal chemicals for glass.

Cleaning glass in apartments and private residences

Glass is cleaned from the highest to the lowest point.

The cleaning service determines the manner of wiping based on the state of the glass, stone, or aluminum surface. 


With window cleaning services in West Lakes,SA, you can trust Triple G’s glass cleaning service since we are a 5 years -established industrial cleaning company with specialized equipment and chemicals for glass cleaning in West Lakes. Our service costs are suited for all customers, large or small, and our service is not choosy about clients, always satisfying all customer requirements, simple or complex. Customers of glass cleaning services such as: Townhouses, Buildings, Apartments, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Enterprises…

Please contact our sales staff if you would like to inquire about the cost of glass cleaning services in West Lakes. We will undoubtedly deliver consumers comfort when choosing a service package and peace of mind about payment with an eager, helpful, and sincere approach of staff.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 32 Clare Street, Athol Park, SA, 5012
  • Phone: 0410256363
  • Email:

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