Steam cleaning carpet Adelaide

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Carpets are an inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing way to improve the beauty, elegance, and nobility of your home. We only clean blankets and bed sheets because they show stains and odors, and we forget that the carpet is where many stains accumulate. Everyone wants to have satisfactory decorative waste, but maintaining it in a sanitary and safe state for health is difficult. Understanding this issue, we offer carpet steam cleaning Adelaide services.

Steam carpet cleaning service

The steam carpet cleaning service will make you feel more confident in the carpet cleaning process’s quality and safety. This is a fairly common and widely used method in which water is boiled at a high temperature and sprayed directly onto the stain on the carpet at such high pressure that the stain is removed. Remove completely and assist your carpet in quickly and effectively killing harmful bacteria and mold.

This is a method that requires construction workers to have extensive knowledge and experience; additionally, the cost of investing in equipment is prohibitively expensive, so the cost of a service is relatively high in comparison to the cost of the service. with the traditional carpet cleaning method, but the opposite effect will astound you. Triple G provides prompt and professional service to customers in all areas of Adelaide.

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How often should your carpet be cleaned?

Manufacturers recommend having your carpet cleaned at least every 12-18 months, depending on the amount of traffic in your home, to keep it looking and performing well for as long as possible. In fact, such frequent cleaning is a requirement of many warranties—be sure to read your warranty carefully.

The steam carpet cleaning process

The hot steam carpet cleaning procedure consists of five basic steps:

  • Step 1: Vacuum the entire carpet before washing to remove the majority of the sand, dust, and soil.
  • Step 2: Allow 3-5 minutes for chemicals to work before washing.
  • Step 3: Use a hot steam carpet cleaner to clean and disinfect the carpet. Locations with heavy stains may need to be moved several times.
  • Step 4: Vacuum the carpet once more if necessary (in case the carpet is dirty, it needs to be washed many times).
  • Step 5: To expedite the drying process, blow dry the entire carpet. Unlike other carpet cleaning methods, hot steam carpet cleaning can dry carpets in 1-2 hours.

What kind of carpets does Triple G clean?

Roll floor carpet

Rolled floor mats are currently primarily made of Polypropylene fiber with a felt surface layer and a sole underneath, carpet thickness is 4 to 8mm, carpet is one color or with a pattern, and the most common size is 3.66 wide or 4 meters long from 30 meters to 40 meters. The installer uses glue to adhere the carpet to the floor. Carpets are ideal for covering offices, hotels, and homes because they offer numerous benefits such as cost savings, ease of construction, and speed of installation.

Office floor mats in the form of carpet

The standard size carpet is 50x50cm, 6 to 8mm thick, made of Polypropylene fiber with a rubber or bitumen base layer, and can be a single-color carpet or decorated with patterns, stripes… The linens The carpet is secured to the floor using glue. Carpets are suitable for offices, hotels, and particularly high-class offices, due to their ease of construction, cost savings, diverse designs, ease of transportation, and ease of cleaning.

Carpets in the living room

Your home’s interior will look more luxurious with the addition of essential living room rugs and a sofa set. The typical living room rug size is 2x3m, 3x4m, or 3x5m panels, with an average thickness of 8mm to 1.5cm. Carpet fibers are made from synthetic fibers, cotton or wool, and carpets of various origins. Our in-home carpet cleaning service, performed by skilled technicians, will leave your carpets smelling fresher and cleaner without degrading their quality or color.

Office carpet cleaning service 

Why you should use an office carpet cleaning service on a regular basis? Customers prefer floor mats for their offices because of their convenience and numerous benefits, such as cost savings, quick construction, and easy replacement. However, if you do not know how to clean and maintain it properly, there will be numerous drawbacks after a period of usage, and one of the most common disadvantages is that the carpet is easy to stain, smell, and mold, which causes a great deal of discomfort as well as decreased productivity while working. 

To ensure the carpet is always clean and beautiful, Triple G offers carpet cleaning services with benefits such as:

  • Save time and costs: If you install a new carpet, you have to spend time choosing the carpet to install as well as a large amount of money, if it is an office you rent, the use efficiency will not be high. The best and least expensive option is to use an office carpet cleaning service.
  • Easy to install: Assuming your office has a great deal of furniture, tables, and seats, and representatives are occupied with work, so the development and substitution of new covers are muddled, also the rug stick creates issues terrible smell for the surrounding environment. the use of office carpet cleaning services, in this case, is very appropriate.
  • Increase labor productivity as well as health: After a period of use, office carpets will develop mold, dirt, and unpleasant odors… cleaning office carpets not only kill harmful bacteria, but also reduces odors, making the carpet surface cleaner and smell better, and thus increasing productivity when employees work on it.

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With many years of experience and a grasp of client psychology, Triple G consistently earns complete trust and satisfaction. Today, we have over 20,000 consumers that choose us. Professional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, domestic cleaning, and so on are available. Pick up the phone and give us a call right away, or fill out the form below.