Cleaning services for Schools in Adelaide, SA

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Teachers’ and students’ teaching and learning activities require special attention at all times. As a result, in addition to constructing school facilities, the management board must also pay attention to school hygiene in order to provide the best learning and playing environment for students. Germs that cause illness can easily spread from one student to another, or from a teacher to a student, in a school setting.

The greater the number of sick students, the lower the school’s productivity; the lower the productivity, the less the teacher’s interest in the students’ teaching and learning. As a result, it is easy to see how a clean and healthy school environment affects not only students but also teachers and other school personnel. Recognizing this, triple G offers school cleaning services in Adelaide, SA ranging from preschool to university level, thereby contributing to a clean and safe learning environment for students.

Concerning Triple G’s school cleaning service

Triple G has an abundance of human resources with a well-trained workforce of industrial hygiene techniques and a complete system of machines, tools, and chemicals to provide a school cleaning service from preschool, primary, secondary, and university levels. Furthermore, Triple G’s dedicated industrial hygiene monitoring team and quality inspection team will ensure school hygiene.

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Areas in schools where Triple G cleans

Before implementing cleaning services at each school, Triple G will send a team of cleaning staff to survey and create a specific cleaning plan for each school, including areas to do, standards, machinery, labor, chemicals, and equipment… Each school will have unique characteristics as well as focus areas. However, Triple G’s school cleaning service will primarily focus on the following areas:

  • Class areas: Cleaning floors, tables, chairs, equipment, computers, doors, glass, cleaning tables, cleaning shelves; cleaning wall-mounted equipment, light troughs, water plants, ceiling fans, ventilation fans, and so on…
  • Office areas: Cleaning floors, tables, chairs, machines, cups, equipment, carpets, glass, walls, doors, wall-mounted equipment, document cabinets, and so on…
  • Function room: Cleaning the floor, carpet, table, chair, door, wall, glass, equipment, and signboard,…
  • Toilets: cleaning floors, equipment, sinks, floors, trash removal, glass mirror cleaning, walls, ceilings, ventilation fans…
  • Exterior: Exterior cleaning includes cleaning of floors, trash cans, chairs, internal roads, equipment, light poles, steps, and signposts, bonsai care, campus, garage area cleaning, and security room…
  • Cleaning the canteen’s floors, doors, mirrors, and trash cans…
  • System of stairs and corridors: Cleaning floors, outside and inside elevators, cleaning stairs, emergency exits; cleaning walls, wall-mounted equipment, shared sinks, storage shelves, trash cans…

Job description

Our team of trained professionals will arrive at your educational facility with all necessary personal protective equipment to perform the cleaning and disinfecting services requested in a safe and secure manner.

– All materials used by our teams are disinfected prior to transport to the client site and again immediately after service completion to prevent cross-contamination between sites.

– Our team will begin by dusting horizontal and vertical surfaces with high and low pressure using appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment.

– We will then wipe down all surfaces with microfiber cloths, focusing on all areas within reach such as cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, workstations, and so on.

– We will vacuum, sweep, and mop all applicable flooring after wiping all surfaces clean.

– After our team has thoroughly cleaned all areas and ensured that no dust, dirt, or debris remains, we will begin disinfecting services.

– Our teams will disinfect using the same methodology as they do when cleaning, working from top to bottom, from the cleanest surfaces to the dirtiest, and from the farthest corners to the exit door. Our associates will use a variety of disinfectants, including wipes while keeping in mind specific dwell times and ensuring the areas are enveloped in the disinfectant long enough for all contaminants to be eliminated before wiping down. Please keep in mind that dwell times can vary greatly between products, so our teams receive extensive training to become acquainted with all applicable disinfectants.

– While disinfecting, we will concentrate on areas such as:

  • Classrooms: All surfaces touched by the user, including student and faculty desks and chairs, computers and other shared equipment, light switches and surrounding walls, doors and doorknobs, bookshelves and file cabinets, trash cans, and any other hard surfaces.
  • Tables, countertops, chairs, condiments, appliances, walls, trash cans, and any other high-touch surfaces that the user may come into contact with.
  • Other common areas include lockers, libraries, study areas, bulletin boards, doors, doorknobs, waiting rooms, stairs, walls, and any other surfaces that the user can touch.
  • Restrooms: All surfaces touched by the user, including furniture, toilets, urinals, sinks, showers, countertops, water heater handles, door handles, faucets, and any other high-touch surfaces.

Commercial School Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of specialized janitorial solutions to schools as a leading janitorial provider with extensive experience and a knowledgeable team. Planned Companies provides professional disinfection services designed to protect your building and its occupants. Triple G has all of your cleaning needs covered, from one-time clean-ups to general maintenance solutions. Planned Companies has a dedicated team of professionals who will ensure that your property is well-maintained. We can set the highest industry standards for oversight, supervision, training, and hiring, allowing us to add value to the properties we service.

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Each Triple G employee possesses the necessary attitude, integrity, passion, and desire for a career working on your property. To ensure that the right associate is hired for your property, we conduct extensive background checks and screening. Our hiring methodology has become ingrained in the brand, allowing us to screen for passionate associates who are never complacent and will go above and beyond to serve your school. Providing not only top-tier cleaning but also top-tier personnel to deliver these services.