How to clean the blinds at home quickly and easily

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It’s simple to overlook cleaning your blinds, just like you would windowsills, switch plates, and ceiling fan blades. After some use, curtains will accumulate unsightly grime. There are various cleaning techniques for different types of curtains. Not all drapes can be washed in the machine. There needs to be fast action taken because the dust has taken control. Fortunately, if you plan ahead, this sometimes overlooked activity really isn’t that bad. Here’s how to clean the blinds at home quickly and easily.

How to clean the blinds in basic

Clean curtains with washing machine

In order to be efficient and save time, many people frequently decide to wash the curtains in the washing machine when cleaning the house. However, cleaning curtains in a washing machine already has certain drawbacks. The washing machine’s excessively high rotational speed and powerful spinning action will easily cause the curtain to tear. Therefore, if you use a washing machine to clean particular types of curtains, you should use a mild washing mode. Prevent tearing and damage to the curtain. Avoid drying the curtain in the sun after washing. The curtain will dry more quickly in direct sunshine. However, the curtain will fade more quickly and gather more dust if such strong sunlight is constantly beaming on it.

Clean the blinds by brush with soft bristles

The curtain should be washed and cleaned with a soft brush. To brush the curtain vertically, you must do it from the top down. Avoid brushing your curtain from the bottom up since this can distribute dirt all over it. Using dry cleaning to clean curtains using unique materials for sewing certain sorts of curtains cannot be put in the washing machine, cannot be crumpled, and cannot be damp washed. At this time, if you want to clean, you must take the curtain to dry cleaning at the store. The cost of washing curtains is not too expensive and with the dry washing process, your curtains will appear brand new after every cleaning.

Curtain cleaning by wet cloth

Shake off any dust on the curtain with a soft, wet towel before cleaning it. to stop dirt from spreading to the cloth surrounding the curtain that is empty. Keep in mind that only dark curtains should be used with this technique. White curtains shouldn’t be utilized with them because it is going to stop being completely white and instantly transform into gray or beet hue.

Steam cleaning of curtains

Cleaning the curtain with steam helps to keep the curtain cleaner without worrying about the washing machine spinning and it will tear the fabric. You will not have to spend time removing and installing the curtain every time you clean the curtain. However, using a dedicated steam curtain cleaner is quite expensive. The space has few doors, the house doesn’t have too many curtains. Take the curtain to a specialized curtain laundromat for cleaning.

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Tips for Cleaning Blinds at Home

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO take the time to dust your blinds, ideally once a week.
  • DON’T spraying hairspray, air freshener, or any other sticky spray close to your blinds can lead to the accumulation of residue over time.
  • DO dust your blinds first so that you can eliminate the dust from your home rather than just spreading it about when you vacuum or sweep.
  • DO NOT attempt to use water to combat the dust. With a microfiber towel that will trap the dust, first dry the dust. A dusty surface tends to create more of a mess when water is added.

Extra tips for cleaning your window blinds

Here are a few additional cleaning suggestions for your window blinds cleaning.

  • Frequently clean your blinds

If you clean your blinds once a month, the dust won’t build up too much. Well-maintained blinds ought to last for many years (even though most only have a warranty of five years).

  • No microfiber fabric? No issues

Although an old (clean!) sock can do, clothes are nice too. You can clean all of your home’s window coverings by placing the sock over your hand and dipping it in water.

  • You can also clean your fabric blinds and shutters

If you have shutters, you can clean them using the method described above. You may also clean fabric blinds like Roman or honeycomb shades at home, although the procedure is slightly different. Lower the shades before going over them with your vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment and low suction setting, beginning at the top. Move behind the fabric shade and vacuum the opposite side after you’ve finished with the first side. Additionally, vacuum the cloth shade’s back.

  • 4. Silk fabric curtains cleaning

Silk is a rather thin fabric. Shake the dirt off before cleaning. This is so that dirt and dust cannot easily adhere to silk materials, which are typically light and silky. But after some time, layers of dust will have accumulated on it. Being thin, silk cannot be submerged in water for an extended period of time. It is quick, secure, and practical to use a vacuum cleaner directly from the curtain.

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The strategies and easy techniques for cleaning curtains at home are listed here. The curtains need to be cleaned correctly and on a regular basis. Your home will stay fresh and airy while the curtain’s lifespan is extended. Please get in touch with Triple G Cleaning if you feel the need to hire home cleaning services. We would offer advice and a detailed price and the best service for your reference.