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Customers have trusted Triple G’s House cleaning services Adelaide into their homes for over 5 years. We wish to say you that our workers carefully adhere to working rules now more than ever. Our cleaning processes are intended to help you and your family live in a cleaner environment. We’ve served over a million clients and want you to know that you can always count on us to go above and beyond to give you with a worry-free, high-quality cleaning service.

The home cleaning process of Triple G cleaning team

The dirt, cement, and plaster on the newly built floor are very stubborn, and only by hand can not they be cleaned completely. Or mold, spider webs frequently appear in places we do not clean on a regular basis, such as under the bed, the foot of the closet, the back of the closet, the ceiling… your. The Triple G’s home cleaning team will fly away them from your home.

  • Scanning dust and spider film from the ceiling, cleaning around the lights, ceiling lights, and items on the ceiling.
  • Wall: Clean the wall, the gaps are filthy.
  • Clean doors made of wood, glass, and inner glass windows.
  • Use an insurance cable car system to clean the glass outside the apartment building.
  • Cleaning, wiping dust, rubbing stains, and handrails house cleaning services Adelaide team will clean the fire protection equipment system.
  • Toilet: cleaning, deodorizing, and removing yellow patches caused by long-term tap water use.
  • Kitchen: Remove grease and rust from kitchen walls, cabinets, and appliances.
  • Floor cleaning: Use a vacuum cleaner and absorbent industrial water to remove all dirt, chemicals, and wastewater from the floor. Use an industrial flooring machine to scour the floor. Then, using a specialized machine, dry the floor surface.
  • Carpet on the floor: washing with a specialized carpet washing machine, odor, deodorizing, not discoloring, not damaging the carpet structure.
  • Laundry salon, chairs, mattresses, and interior equipment in your home.

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The types of house cleaning of Triple G

Housing service package

Cleaning services for houses will include total cleaning of rooms, terrace cleaning rooms, and staircases, as opposed to apartment cleaning or office cleaning, clean the bedrooms, as well as the gate… 

Triple G is an Adelaide house cleaning service expert. We will thoroughly clean the entire house, from top to bottom. Triple G will assist customers in cleaning all items in the house using the chemical tools and labor equipment provided by the Triple G package. When we were finished, the customer accepted it clean and stain-free, cleaning the furniture to stay immediately. Thus, the house hygiene package includes cleaning the entire house, and we take care of all the items, items, equipment, and tools needed to complete the job in the quickest and cleanest manner possible.

Thus, the house hygiene package includes cleaning the entire house, and we take care of all the items, items, equipment, and tools needed to complete the job in the quickest and cleanest manner possible. 

Periodic cleaning and cleaning service package

The current Adelaide periodic home cleaning service is becoming increasingly popular, even becoming a trend. Many families call Triple G cleaning service company to order periodic home cleaning services instead of hiring people to hire people to hire umin. Periodic cleaning is applicable to houses; homeowners do not have time, so they must hire 1-2 employees every week to clean up, clean, clean houses, and do so in excess of the time committed in advance.

Prices for housing hygiene are typically calculated by the hour, day, month, or quarter. Triple G will quote customers specific prices; please contact us to exchange jobs, clear and specific prices.

Triple G will proceed to clean, clean the house clean, and move the arrangement of objects and items in the house neatly. Tables and chairs of cabinets, utensils and equipment in the house of Triple G cleaning staff will conduct clean dirt, meticulously wipe the towel clean. We will assist you in cleaning the house without wasting too much time or money.

New construction cleaning service package

The house after construction is always required, and it is always necessary to hire a cleaning team to clean the house before the customer moves in. You can clean up, but it will take time and you will not be able to clean every detail.

Because the house will have many dust, paint marks, cement marks, glue… glass door during the construction process, hygiene after construction is the general cleaning of the house from top to bottom. We will be performing tasks such as ceiling vacuuming, glass hygiene, scrubbing, and toilet cleaning, interior cleanliness… 

Especially with post-construction houses, dirt during the patching, painting, fine dust flying throughout the house, especially on the ceiling, walls, Triple G home cleaning staff will use ladders, high suction seats, and wipe away the fine dust on the ceiling, walls, thoroughly sucking each corner of the wall, ceiling corner.

In the last five years, House cleaning services Adelaide of Triple G has been the unit with the most competitive service and price in Australia. We are always proud to be the unit that is always accomplished and meets all of our customers’ cleaning needs. The contract we signed with our customers holds us accountable for doing things correctly and in accordance with the terms of the agreement. We have received the service, and we will complete the work in accordance with the quality promised to the customers, always ensuring the right price, right quality, and right schedule.

House cleaning price list – Rates, Cost, Packages in Adelaide

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