House cleaning price list – Rates, Cost, Packages in Adelaide

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The cost of cleaning varies according to the kind of cleaning and the size of the house. Your final bill will increase if you want additional services like laundry washing and folding, window cleaning, or fridge cleaning,… Setting up a weekly or monthly cleaning contract can get you discounts and bundle packages from several house cleaning services. Triple G’s house cleaning price list 2023 covers all important aspects and will help you make an educated decision.

How to Calculate the Cost of Housekeeping

A variety of reasons might raise the overall cost of the cleaning service. When evaluating house cleaning charges, the number of rooms and kind of cleaning – standard, deep, or moving – will be the most influencing variables. Outside of the normal cleaning, additional services are typically optional. Cleaning the oven and refrigerator might cost more than $100. Other cost-determining elements include:

  • The length of time required to clean.
  • The number of bedrooms.
  • The number of housekeepers.
  • Cleaning products of several kinds. 
  • Add-ons such as fridge and oven cleaning, washing, or window cleaning need additional time.

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Types of house cleaning

If you are not living in your home for several months of the year, it may just require light dusting. If you have children or pets, you may want to do a deep clean to get rid of any difficult-to-clean accidents. There are several sorts of house cleaning. Examine the several forms of cleaning to determine which is best for you:

  • Basic Cleaning – This is ideal for folks who work full-time and want some assistance around the house.
  • Deep cleaning is a wonderful alternative for packed-in grime or debris left over from parties.
  • Decluttering and Spring Cleaning – If your home needs further assistance cleaning, our cleaning service may assist you. A cleaning service may also help you arrange your home office.
  • Vacant House Cleaning – The vacant house is cleaned in order to sell it or for renters to receive their deposit back. Cleaning often involves the refrigerator, oven, entire flooring, window sills, and so on.

Estimated house cleaning price list 2023

Before cleaning your house, Triple G will conduct a walkthrough to determine how much they will charge you. Cleaning services may charge a fixed fee, an hourly cost, or a fee per square. The tour will enable them to assess how clean your home is now, how much work needs to be done, and any structural or clutter concerns that may make cleaning difficult.

Cleaning service costs

Professional cleaning services, such as Triple G, often charge $75 to $100 per hour for two cleaners or approximately $0.10 per square foot. A 2,000-square-foot house would cost $200 every visit to clean.

House cleaning hourly rates

House cleaning hourly costs range from $20 to $50 per hour per worker, with typical home cleaning sessions taking at least two hours and costing $75-$110 with one person. A cleaning service will primarily charge you based on the number of personnel required to clean your property.

Prices for House Cleaning Per Square Foot

Prices per square foot for normal cleaning can range from $0.10 to $0.17, $0.11 to $0.22 for a thorough cleaning, and $0.22 to $0.33 for move-out cleaning. The more square feet you have, and the more messy or difficult it is to clean, the more you will be charged per square foot.

However, Triple G will not charge per square foot, but rather per hour, the number of personnel necessary, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The cost will also be determined by the level of cleaning required and whether you want a one-time or weekly cleaning service.

Cost of house cleaning per room

Some cleaning businesses may charge $30 to $50 per room (bed or bathroom) as a room-cleaning service, whilst others may charge by the number of people in a room. The more the space is utilized, the more cleaning the firm will have to do. A master bedroom, as well as living areas and bathrooms, will need additional cleaning. If you only want the bathroom cleaned, the charges will be more than for other rooms.

Cost of basic cleaning

Basic treatments are typically priced between $75 and $175. This is the most basic and least expensive service you may select. This is a regular clean-up in which a person visits your home to do general duties. The most common duties include light dusting, cleaning countertops and floors, and cleaning restrooms. Consider these jobs to be the ones you do multiple times a month to maintain your home neat.

Cost of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is more thorough than basic cleaning and often costs between $200 and $375. Although spring cleaning is commonly associated with it, a deep cleaning may occur at any time. Many homeowners schedule these before hosting relatives during the holidays. A spring clean is more time-consuming and intensive, requiring cleaning floors and toilets, polishing hardwood surfaces, and getting to those hard-to-reach locations such as kitchen appliances. These are the duties that are typically completed once or twice a year. However, you may schedule a full deep clean or specialized chores at any time.

Triple G lets you pick and choose the services you want. You may pick and choose which duties you require. We provide extra add-on services such as Adelaide window cleaning (both inside and outdoors), as well as arranging your kitchen cabinets, in addition to conventional services like as vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the bathroom.