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Many homeowners are concerned about the expense of house cleaning when they want cleaning services. Taking this into consideration, Triple G would like to enlighten readers about house cleaning Adelaide prices 2023. In Australia, house cleaning may range from $60 to $450, or $40 to $60 per hour. The actual fee is determined by the size of your property, its location, its condition, the cleaners’ skill and overhead, specific requests, and cleaning activities you wish to have completed.

What is included in the house cleaning service?

House cleaning is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of services. You will be able to readily comprehend the pricing list of house cleaning services if you understand this. House cleaning services are broadly classified into two types:

General cleaning house cleaning

If you have just constructed a house, you will need a cleaning service like Triple G to assist clean the property after construction to remove any construction stains such as dust, water paint, putty, wall paint, cement on the ceiling, walls, floor, windows, glass doors, doors… Your family may be required to clean more onerous criteria such as the glass outside your residence and over high. Or clean overhead lights, and overhead ornaments in the skylights…. Post-construction cleaning charges are typically greater than regular house cleaning as the project’s intricacy.

Periodic house cleaning (every 6 – 12 months): Due to too much furniture, after a time of family usage, you will frequently have a lot of filth on the heights, slots, corners… that cannot be cleaned by yourself by cleaning the store days. These are the spots where pollution lurks and affects the family’s fresh air. Sweeping and vacuuming ceilings, walls, beds, corners, hidden corners, and above are common housekeeping tasks. Scrub the floors and stairwells. And this includes carpet cleaning, curtain washing, mattress cleaning, and mattress cleaning service. A more advanced service is whole-family air disinfection.

Cleaning service on a daily basis

  • Industrial cleaning firms, such as Triple G, will give daily cleaning employees to assist your family in doing normal cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and cleaning as easy as you do every day. 
  • Fees for house cleaning will be charged by the hour and collected at the end of each month.
  • Each household and unit will always have unique cleaning requirements. Triple G will advise and quote each customer on an individual basis. Don’t be concerned about the cost. Our genuineness will undoubtedly satisfy the table.
  • There will be a price list for each type of house cleaning service request.

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The cost of common cleaning tasks

Window cleaning

Internal, exterior, pressured, and window track cleaning is all services provided by home cleaners. Using high-pressure washing equipment, pressed window cleaning concentrates on the glass surfaces, removing filth, grime, and grit.

Window track cleaning, on the other hand, removes dirt buildup, allowing your windows to move freely along their tracks. It costs around $50 per hour to clean standard-sized windows and about $80 per hour to clean difficult-to-reach windows.

House cleaning

House cleaning services include mopping/vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, scrubbing bathrooms, polishing chrome faucets, emptying trash cans, and so on. Other examples include oven cleaning, changing bed sheets, and window cleaning. Include them in your list of requests. The average cost of a full house cleaning in Adelaide is between $90 and $180.

Office cleaning

Mopping, sweeping, buffing floors, vacuuming carpeted areas, sanitizing restrooms, polishing woodwork, and dusting surfaces are all part of office cleaning. To prevent overheating, specialists may attend to your IT equipment. You’ll also benefit from services such as intensive restroom cleaning programs and regular replenishment of hygiene, janitorial, and paper items. In Australia, the average cost of office cleaning is $32 per hour.

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning removes mildew, moss, and lichens, increasing the life of your roof. Sodium percarbonate solution, bleach, or other professional cleaning chemicals may be used by home cleaners. They also consider the sort of roof, its condition, shape, and size, as well as your current location in Australia. Roof cleaning costs an average of $38 per hour in Australia, but may cost up to $80 per hour based on the characteristics stated above.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning entails pre-inspection, commercial pre-vacuuming, moving furniture, pre-spray, spot removal, power scrubbing, deodorizing, neutralizing, and carpet grooming.

The total cost depends on whether you want to steam clean or dry clean your carpet. It is also decided by when you last cleaned your carpet or the amount of discoloration. Two- and three-bedroom flats range in price from $77 to $95 and $88 to $105 correspondingly, with larger apartments costing $185.

What is the average price for cleaners?

One Adelaide, Australia-based house cleaning business charges an hourly cost based on the number of cleaners needed for your project. They charge $30 per hour for two cleaners on site. They charge $20 per hour for one cleaning on-site. They charge an extra $15 per room for cleaning windows and an extra $20 per room for cleaning sliding doors.

Some cleaning agencies charge by the hour, so the price you pay for each visit will depend on how unclean your house is that week. House cleaning firms that charge by the hour will usually offer you a walk-through before you employ them. 

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The walk-through allows them to assess the size, layout, and overall cleanliness of your home and provide you with an estimate for a one-time or first-time cleaning as well as prices for regular services, such as weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly cleanings. Their hourly pricing usually remains constant, but a one-time or first-time cleaning will cost more since it takes more time. Unless you have a really nasty portion or some exceptional condition, your cleaning charges will normally be steady from week to week or month to month.

In conclusion, finding affordable and reliable cleaning services in Adelaide can be a daunting task. However, with Adelaide Window Cleaning and Triple G, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money. Both companies offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their services. Adelaide Window Cleaning specializes in professional window cleaning and can help you achieve sparkling clean windows at an affordable price. Triple G provides comprehensive cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. So, whether you need window cleaning or a deep cleaning for your property, contact Adelaide Window Cleaning or Triple G for a quote today.