How much does deep house cleaning cost in Adelaide?

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Regular house cleaning, whether done by hand or professionally, helps your home maintain its current condition. A deep clean, on the other hand, is required for a more thorough cleaning, reaching all the deep crevices and getting into and behind appliances.

Deep cleanings should be done once or twice a year, or before beginning regular, weekly professional cleanings. They differ according to the size and layout of your home, as well as the materials and appliances you have. Deep cleaning costs vary depending on the service and level of grime in your home. How much does deep house cleaning cost in Adelaide? A deep cleaning can cost between $200 and $400. In the post below, we look at what house deep cleaning prices you can expect when hiring a professional.

How much does each type of house cleaning service cost?

Cost of deep cleaning per hour

Deep cleaning is typically performed by a team of cleaners rather than a single cleaner. This is one of the reasons why the cost of a deep clean is higher than that of a standard clean. More workers are required for the job, and the rate for each cleaner is usually calculated by the hour. The standard hourly rate ranges from $25 to $60 per hour. It will be $50 to $120 per hour if you have two cleaners, but two cleaners will complete the job faster than one cleaner.

Before the appointment, Triple G will provide you with a free estimate in order to give you an accurate price. The cleaners estimate the amount of time it will take to clean the space based on the overall size of the home. A neglected home, for example, will be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. We will have 2 to 3 cleaners for your 2,000 square foot home for an average cost of $200 to $600.

Prices for house deep cleaning per room

The type of home you own has the greatest influence on how much it will cost to deep clean from top to bottom. Most properties can be deep cleaned for between $99 and $339 per visit. Based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, we can estimate how long it will take workers to clean the house. A studio apartment, for example, can be deep cleaned in two hours, whereas a larger home may take up to eight hours to clean with a team of two or more housekeepers. This means that the cost of deep cleaning a three-bedroom house differs from the cost of deep cleaning a two-bedroom apartment, and so on.

Kitchen deep cleaning costs

A housekeeper is required to scrub multiple appliances when deep cleaning the kitchen in a home. The price ranges from $70 to $130. Refrigerators are notorious for taking a long time to clean because of hidden cracks and crevices. A deep kitchen clean includes removing grease and grime from ovens and range tops. Accessing areas behind your appliances is one of the most expensive parts. Housekeepers remove your refrigerator and oven to gain access to the area behind them and remove all dirt and dust that has accumulated there. 

Price of bathroom deep cleaning

Bathrooms are typically one of the more expensive rooms to clean, costing between $75 and $150 per room. The reason for this is the large number of fixtures that must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs are given special attention during the cleaning process. Shower doors and grout can be descaled and scrubbed to remove grime and mildew. To remove mildew stains, clean the caulk around the tub and toilet. 

What factors influence the cost of house cleaning?

Your house’s dimensions

Size will be the determining factor in price if cleaning services charge per square meter. Even if the cleaning service charges per hour, it’s clear that the size of your home is a major factor – a larger home requires more cleaning time.


But that’s not the most important consideration: cleaning the bathroom or kitchen takes longer than cleaning the bedroom. As a result, the number of bathrooms and kitchens above the bedroom will influence the price of your house cleaning service.


Some cleaning services may ask if you have a pet in the house and charge a higher fee accordingly. This is because these pets frequently make a bigger mess and require more work from the cleaning staff, as well as special cleaning products. It is critical for cleaning staff to be aware of any live animals in the house in case of allergies.

Type of sanitation

The cost and length of time required for cleaning services will vary greatly depending on the type of cleaning you require. It will be less expensive than deep cleaning your home if you only require basic cleaning. Post-construction cleaning can be more expensive if you have completed construction work because cleaning staff require more cleaning products, cleaning equipment, and time to remove dust from all surfaces.

Cleaning schedule

In addition, many cleaning services provide a discount on regular cleaning services when compared to one-time cleanings. This is due to the fact that if the house is regularly maintained, cleaning does not take as long as a first professional cleaning. Some cleaning services will also provide discounts to customers who use their services on a regular basis. As a result, keeping a regular cleaning schedule can save you money on cleaning services several times a year.

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