Cleaning services construction in Adelaide

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Cleaning and sanitizing the house after construction is not just a simple cleaning, but Triple G meticulously cleans each item in your home, for example, the door frame after construction frequently has paint stains, cement stains that adhere to tiny particles on the surface, if you don’t know how to do it, you will not be able to clean or bleach the wrong method, using the wrong chemicals you will peel off the original paint layer of the surface frame… However, with Triple G, removing paint and cement from the rear door frame is very simple. Cleaning services construction in Adelaide of us are available to meet your cleaning requirements.

About cleaning services construction

Construction cleanup services differ from residential or commercial cleaning services in that the work is much more labor-intensive. Heavy lifting, ladder work, and debris removal are frequently required. Construction cleanup Triple G always ensures that newly built or renovated homes are spotless before the owners move in and take possession. Some of the duties that may be assigned include cleaning windows inside and out, dusting and washing all surfaces, removing stickers from windows and appliances, marble, and tile surfaces, dusting and washing walls and ceilings, and vacuuming the floors.

Rates are generally based on an estimate prior to beginning work and vary greatly depending on the size of the job and scope of the work, but expect to earn around $30 per hour.

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Advantages of Hiring Construction Cleaning Services 

Cleaner, safer, and more convenient facilities

When your clients are eager to move in, you must ensure that they will be pleased with the first impression. Taking care of post-construction cleaning demonstrates the professionalism of your services. If you live in Adelaide, first impressions are very important, so you should hire cleaning services construction in Adelaide to do the cleaning properly.

If your contractor does not include cleaning up after a construction project and you want a safer and cleaner area before moving in but do not want to do the cleanup on your own, hire our professional construction cleanup company to save you time and trouble.

Cleaning services that are detailed and professional

Interval cleaning can also be provided by professional construction cleanup services. In other words, you can arrange for post-construction cleanup services at various stages of your construction project. This practice promotes organizational efficiency and safety goals. When your construction project is finished, the property will require a thorough cleaning. Because construction sites have different cleanup requirements, you may want to schedule detailed cleaning as well as final cleaning during or before client inspections or before property owners move in.


One of the reasons why construction crews rarely address through post-construction cleanup is that it is expensive. If you hire your own crew for construction cleanup, it will cost you more, which will affect your construction finance and accounting.

Hiring a professional construction cleaning crew to handle all cleaning tasks for you can help you save money. If you own a construction company, you can easily move on to your next project if you hire a cleaning professional to do the work instead of doing it yourself.

There is no need to be concerned about waste disposal

Finding cleaning supplies is another issue if you do your own post-construction cleanup. Aside from that, waste disposal is a major issue. Our construction cleaning services understand how to follow local waste disposal ordinances to ensure that all waste is disposed of properly in designated landfills. Because this job would necessitate obtaining permits and licenses, you should hire post-construction cleaning services rather than doing it yourself.

Stages to construction cleaning

  • The basic clean: We will come to do a rough clean after the construction contractor has installed new framing, plumbing, electrical, windows, and walls. This includes the removal of large items such as debris, trash, unused materials, and disposables. At this point, the area is usually swept or vacuumed.
  • The specialty clean: entails kitchens and restrooms, as well as newly installed sinks, cabinets, restroom fixtures, appliances, windows, and glass doors. The majority of these items will be shipped in boxes. The boxes are usually unpacked by the construction contractor, but they must be disposed of by the cleaning contractor. Individual items may also be lined in plastic to protect them during transport. These packaging materials must also be removed and disposed of by the cleaning contractor.
  • The detail clean: This is also known as the “touchup” clean, “final” clean, or “punch list” clean. It is most emphatically not a touch-up clean. At this point, the client anticipates that the newly renovated space will be spotless and ready for use. This means that a final or detailed clean is a better term to use. A punch list should be created by the cleaning contractor and their client. Following the completion of the detail clean, the final task is to tour the new area, punching off a list of items completed and those that still require attention.


We hope we have given you some insight into the types of tasks that are included in a construction clean. There is no need to explain the importance of keeping your project site and facility clean. Your construction site must always follow best practices for health and safety, as well as meet hygiene standards. Hire Triple G in Adelaide to save time and help you focus on your construction.

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