Cleaning office buildings at night

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Finding time to clean your building can be difficult. Is it better to have someone there at all times to manage messes as they happen, or should they come at night so your employees don’t have any interruptions? Some argue that the difference between nighttime and daytime cleaning is primarily about budget or how to reduce energy consumption.

There are numerous factors to consider when determining the best time of day; let our commercial cleaning service come and take care of your building. What is the best time for you to clean your building and keep your employees happy? Let’s work with Triple G cleaning service to solve this problem! What are the benefits of cleaning office buildings at night? Keep reading to know the answer.

Day and Night Cleaning

Maybe you still can’t decide which is best for you. That’s fine! you don’t have to clean only during the day or at night; you could do both! Day porter services are ideal for those who require a little of both. Day porters are available for any major cleaning that needs to be done during the day. Meanwhile, all major cleaning continues to take place at night. They clean up big messes like spilled coffee, snow and salt messes, overflowing trash cans, and minor daily emergencies. Then, in the evenings, a full team deep cleans the building to get it ready for the next day. This is an excellent solution for large businesses that require an extra hand but do not want a full crew on the job during the day.

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The Advantages of Cleaning the Office Building Late at Night

Is it possible to schedule your facility cleaning service to maintain your building at night? Many people prefer to clean at night because they believe that uninterrupted cleaning will result in a deeper clean. Why do some office buildings opt for nighttime cleaning rather than daytime cleaning? Here are some of the reasons:

Fewer interruptions

While professionals at a commercial cleaning service are trained to be productive without causing disruption, some facility managers prefer that their cleaning services work at night so as not to disrupt people working in the office building during the day.

After-hours cleaning means no vacuuming while your employees are attempting to meet deadlines or hold a client conference. You can avoid these interruptions by cleaning the office at night.

Improving Health and Safety

Is daytime cleaning worth the savings if one of your building’s tenants is constantly sneezing and wheezing due to the dust that your daytime cleaning crew creates? Because approximately 20 million people are allergic to dust mites, the likelihood of someone in your building objecting to daytime dusting is very high.

Furthermore, many commercial cleaning services clean and sanitize their premises with large capacity cleaning products. But do you want your construction workers inhaling these products? And do you want to expose them to guests?

To meet safety standards, cleaning technicians wear personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and goggles; however, other employees and guests in the building do not have the same safeguards. How can you protect your employees from smoke or water splashes if your commercial cleaning service operates during the day? Cleaning the night shift or the office at night means that your tenants will be exposed to fewer chemicals.

Saving Time

Employees are not the only ones who may be inconvenienced at work when our cleaners are present. It can also happen in the opposite direction. Have you ever passed through a hallway with a cleaner mopping the floor? There is no other way to get to your destination other than through that corridor. So you walk on the wet floor, leaving footprints behind.

Cleaners can work more efficiently at night office cleaning because there are no other people around. Because there are no disruptions in the area, wiping surfaces and mopping floors will be completed more quickly.

It is preferred by cleaners

We’re sure cleaners dislike cleaning around people, so removing office employees from the equation results in happier cleaners. Cleaners appreciate having an empty office to blitz clean in a timely manner without feeling like they are bothering others.

Ensured Deep Cleaning

As previously stated, when the cleaners have free reign of the space, they can go deeper and scrub clean all the nooks and crannies that they are unable to reach during the day. Office equipment is the most common source of germs and bacteria, especially if your company uses hot desks- the cleaners at night can ensure no germs spread while protecting themselves.

After you’ve decided to use a cleaning office building, you must decide when to have them cleaned. To accommodate all business types and schedules, many companies provide both day and night cleaning services. Some make the decision to save money, while others make the decision to keep traffic flowing during peak hours. Whatever your reason, it’s critical to consider all factors when deciding whether to clean during the day or at night.

Office cleaning at a high-end office building

Any manager understands that office cleaning can have an impact when done during business hours. As a result, one brilliant idea is to have it done at night. Having cleaners in your office is extremely beneficial to your company. Whether you want day cleaning or night cleaning, you should look for a reliable provider. We are a leading cleaning service provider in Adelaide. Our high-quality performance has earned us an excellent reputation for janitorial and office cleaning services. We do things differently and live up to our name. Call Triple G today to make an appointment!