Cleaning apartment services in Adelaide

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We offer cleaning services for more than just homes in Adelaide! Every living area ought to be cleaned thoroughly, both visually and physically. In addition, Triple G takes great pride in providing cleaning apartment services in Adelaide, condos, and other tiny places there. Our service for small spaces gives groups of apartment complex inhabitants who sign up for weekly or biweekly service customizable rates. Our main objective is to offer a tailored service that meets all of your apartment cleaning needs. If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s how to clean flawlessly, from reaching below the surface in small apartments to cleaning those out-of-reach spots in huge ones.

What is cleaning an apartment?

Triple G offers this commercial cleaning service for apartments. If you need to clean your apartment but don’t have the time, call Triple G cleaning for assistance. Our crew will work with you to thoroughly clean the apartment, assisting with the removal of bacteria, oil, stains, and other potentially dangerous elements. This keeps the home orderly, spotless, and clean.

The apartment cleaning service is available for apartments that have just been constructed, remodeled, or are vacant.

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What to expect from Triple G’s apartment cleaning services

There are numerous reasons why we insist on offering a complete cleaning service for all sizes and types of apartments. To begin with, Triple G’s cleaners are true perfectionists in every sense of the word and have years of expertise in the cleaning industry. For your convenience, we also provide tailored apartment cleaning services and flexible timetables. Triple G offers comprehensive apartment cleaning services, such as the following, by bringing together a knowledgeable cleaning crew with high-quality tools and supplies. Apartment cleaning services offered by Triple G include the following:

  • Cleaning and organizing counters
  • Ceiling fan cleaning
  • Cleaning wall hangings (picture frames, artwork, etc)
  • Cleaning the space behind and beneath pieces of furniture
  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Cleaning the switchboards and baseboards

Adelaide apartment cleaning packages from Triple G

Newly built apartment cleaning

Before moving in, newly constructed flats need to be cleaned. The cause is that there might currently be debris, cement, paint, glass adhesive, etc. on the floor. Additionally, the paint smell in the house might not go away, and if it is not handled, it will harm the home’s health and the tenants’ well-being.

Cleaning a newly constructed apartment typically requires a lot of time and work, especially for individuals who lack knowledge, the necessary tools, and cleaning supplies. Therefore, the best course of action is to select Triple G cleaning company’s cleaning service for the newly constructed flat. We not only assist in cleaning the entire house, getting rid of paint, glue, and other stains, but we also successfully deodorize the paint.

Cleaning following repairs and renovations apartment 

Apartments that have been repaired and renovated also have issues similar to freshly constructed apartments. Cement, paint, glue, and other stains may be found adhering to walls, baseboards, glass doors, and other surfaces. It can take a lot of time and work to clean. In order to quickly have a clean, organized, and pleasant living area, kindly utilize Triple G apartment cleaning service once.

Cleaning the long-standing apartment

There will be a lot of dust and trash in apartments that haven’t been cleaned in a while. The residence will become unkempt and unattractive as a result of the clutter. Therefore, thorough cleaning is required to clear away debris from the home, get rid of mold and bacteria, and make the area more livable.

When the apartment’s regular cleaning hasn’t been done in a while, we also clean the entire apartment, including the walls, ceilings, doors, windows, balconies, loggias, furniture, and floors. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and other sanitary rooms are included.

The cleaning process for the apartment

You no longer need to be concerned about house cleaning; let us assist you. Triple G is a leading industrial cleaning service provider in Adelaide, with professional staff and modern equipment specializing in services such as:

  • Cleaning the living room: includes sweeping the ceiling and walls, as well as cleaning dust and dirt from the room’s furniture, which includes lamps, tables and chairs, cabinets, televisions, locomotives, phones, pictures, windows, glass doors, main doors, and vacuum cleaners. cleaning dirt from upholstered furniture, vacuuming carpets, mopping, scrubbing floors, taking out trash, and so on 
  • Cleaning the bedroom: includes changing the sheets and pillowcases (if necessary), cleaning the tables and chairs, bedside cabinets, night lights, dressing tables, phones, wardrobes, windows, doors, curtains, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing floors, taking out trash, and so on.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and dining room: Scrub the floor, sweep and clean the ceiling, walls, and doors, and clean the surface of the gas stove, electric stove, microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, sink, table, and chairs.
  • Bathroom cleaning: general cleaning of the ceilings, walls, and bathtubs, as well as descaling of glass walls, mirrors, soap shelves, showers, water opening valves, and manhole covers. Toilet cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization, hand wash basin, toilet paper holder, change and arrange towels of all types in the appropriate location per the customer’s request, sweep the floor, empty the trash and clean the trash can, and so on.
  • Cleaning corridors entails sweeping, cleaning corridors, doors, electrical switches, light troughs, decorative lighting, stairs, and so on.

Our team has experience cleaning a variety of flooring materials found in apartments, including hardwood, marble, and tile. As a result, you can trust Triple G to handle all of your apartment cleaning needs in the safest, most timely, and most effective way possible.